Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin — the crazy cryptocurrency that people have been hyping up for years. Well, the hype may have been overblown at times, but 12 years after its invention, the technology is still around — and being used to transact over a billion dollars every day across the globe.

Bitcoin, and blockchain — the technology on which bitcoin works — is a brilliant innovation to solve a major problem in the world: Centralization.

When you use your debit card to spend $100 on Amazon, your bank updates the balances…

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We’ve been hearing about self-driving cars for some time now, but even after years of development and hype, they still aren’t everywhere, as we had imagined they might be.

Although self-driving cars may not be everywhere yet, they are much closer than many realize.

Researchers predict that we will see around 8 million autonomous cars on the streets by 2025.

In fact, the technology already exists — that is, we…

Since July of 2020, more than 1000 companies have paused their advertisements from all of Facebook platforms, boycotting the company for its censorship practices, or lack thereof. Censorship on social platforms is an extremely complex and multifaceted issue, with no obvious correct answer- just the kind of topic we like to explore.

Facebook is a ginormous company with billions of daily active users across its platforms, making more than $70 Billion in revenue from targeted ads.

Twitter — though not quite as big — is also a social giant, hosting over 500 MILLION tweets every single day.

These massive…

In February of 2014, Facebook announced its plans to acquire the messaging company WhatsApp for $19 Billion, making it the second largest acquisition in history.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app ever, with over 2B users across the world. In 2018, there were roughly 65 Billion messages sent on WhatsApp per day, which is a little more than 45M messages every minute.

A key ingredient to WhatsApp’s success was timing: WhatsApp was founded in 2009, very soon after Apple and Google launched their App stores. …

Tesla’s stock price recently broke $1500 per share, making it the most valuable automaker in the world.

In second place to this throne is Toyota, which sells over 10 million cars in a year, while Tesla sells only 500,000. In fact, at a market cap of over $180 billion, Tesla is now worth more than BMW, Mercedes, Honda and Ferrari combined, which raises the question — why is Tesla so valuable?

1. Disruptive Technology: Tesla level up-ed the electric car game, taking the auto industry by surprise, proving that it is possible to create electric vehicles that can perform…

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